Our Game Commands

Please scroll down to see a full list of commands.

Coin Pusher World Commands:

--Wall Command
!wall [Cost 1k tickets to use wall]

---Drop Commands

!insert [1-50]
!einwerfen [1-50]

---Drop All Commands

---Kick Commands (120 second cool down)

---Punch Commands (120 second cool down)


---Show Owned Skins Commands

---Set/Change skins
!setskin (coin name)

---Show Coin Count

---Show Local Leaderboard (30 second cooldown)

---Show Global Leaderboard (30 second cooldown)

---Show ticket count

---Show player's local score
!score [username, optional, default is self]

---Show player's global score
!globalscore [username, optional, default is self]

Diamond Skeeball Commands:

---Roll Command
!roll [power 1 to 5] [startingPost -5 to 5] [rotation -30 to 30]" to join the que.
(EG: !roll 3 3 5 or !roll)

---Help Command

We are working on more commands in different languages for all our games and will update this page as and when we do this.